Clue 1

A house where two lines that intersect and form a shape, near the old chain ferry is home for this egg. 


Clue 2

An amphibian and a ship dance together on a road that wants to hold back the tide


Clue 3

In the shadow of Moresby, Hawkins and Blake, walk to the eastern edge of the water. There is an old phonebox that has been reborn as a library. There's more than just books in there today....


Clue 4

This building lights up ocean village with its epic tales of wonder. Look for the big round bush on the northern corner.


Clue 5

If we were in opposite land. The Start of City Lock would be the place to look - there is a yelllow salt bin near the anglers


Clue 6

The flowers of spring lead us to the waterside. At the entrance is an exotic fruit suspended high above. Find somewhere near.


Clue 7

In the ruins left by Woodward and Bernstein you’ll find an egg tucked away in the old masters office. You'll need to go down, and under un archway, turn right to find the office. 


Clue 8

You wont find wine in this cellar anymore, At Enios back, walk into the ruins. Face North East. In the far corner you'll see an archway leading down. By ytje blocked up entrance you may find some tasty treasure


Clue 9

Down near the arcades where boats would dock and unload all kinds of wares, from tea to Pigs, there is still one boat left, with some cargo for you inside.


Clue 10

Behind the wall that Trump didnt build, this would mark a monumental day


Clue 11

In the shadow of a giant time piece, Draw a Line from Gusto to the museum entrance. Another from the BBC door to Malvina who sailed on th tittanics memorial. where those intersect will be the X that mark the spot. (behind the bench where you'd sit to look at three white trees.


Clue 12

At a bar that might once have held a meeting of parishioners for parochial business, check beside the door in the smoking area.


Clue 13

Weep for the Christmas that was lost in the great war (behind the hedge)


Clue 14

Ladies may be mad at gentleman only, ladies forbidden. But at the southern gate you might find some choccy to cheer you up


Clue 15

Between smooth newt a a saxifrage on the edge of the pond, you will see me next to the reeds


Clue 16

Monty can see the egg hidden behind his uplighter. In a square which named after HUgh Le Grand Veneur, read the following "When you go home tell them of us. " and all will become clear


Clue 17

If you're missing social life, on the terrace in front of this place you might find what you're looking for.


Clue 18

This place used to roar when the saints came marching in, until they put up the no ball game signs. Check under the tallest red cone near where a golaie once stood


Clue 19

Crataegus does a decent cuppa


Clue 20 

Roger Hargreaves says Its not impossible to find this mans egg if you're on the U2B on Burgess Road


Clue 21

Beach Huts and Giant Connect 4 make this garden my perfectly brewed spot for sunny afternoon drinks, check by the side gate to the beer garden.






Visual Clues

See if these can help you decipher any of the clues above

Clue 1

This is the view from Clue 1

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